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Is It Better To Repair or Replace My Roof?

Minimize expensive costs related to roofing projects by determining if you really need them in the first place. This will help you a lot especially if your roof starts to show signs of problems but it is not completely damaged at all. During the last 10 years, the cost of roofing materials has doubled up so you can just imagine the possible cost of an entire roof replacement project. However, you should not put your family’s comfort at stake too, just because you want to avoid replacing your entire roof as much as possible. In order to avoid a large bill for a roof replacement, it might be worth getting more frequent roof inspections. This allows roofers to maintain the roof as and when you need it, hopefully fixing any minor repairs whilst they’re not causing any problems. Often, these minor problems can worsen and can cause much bigger problems, so it’s important to try and fix these as soon as possible.


All homeowners have their own checklist of home improvements that they want to be done. However nice the home improvement projects may be, you can’t deny the fact that they can be very costly. The key here is to make good decisions in order to minimize spending — especially when it comes to roofing problems.

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For roofing solutions, it might be worth contacting your local roofing contractor to inspect your roof for any leaks or missing shingles. Maintenance can prevent big bills. If the company finds any problems with your roof, they may suggest getting a new roof. The cost of this will depend on the material of your roof. Some people may have to get new shingles, whilst other homeowners may have to order cut to length profile sheets if they have a corrugated roof. The price can vary, however, if a roof is in need of repair, it’s important to fix it properly. This will ensure your family and the rest of your property remain safe.

However, there are certain factors that can affect your decision on whether you should repair or replace your roof. The majority of these factors do need to be considered to ensure that you’re doing the right thing. Of course, one easy way of working out whether you need to repair or replace your roof is by asking an experienced roofing company what they think. Most companies will be happy enough to visit your home to advise you whether to repair or replace the roof. However, some people may prefer to check their roof themselves before calling a roofing company. If that’s the case, there are some things to look for. These include:

Your roof’s age

Your roof is exposed to outside elements that can weaken it. The daily wear and tear can put stress on your roofing; thus, the roofing issues you encounter every now and then. If your roof is more than 20 years old since installation, and you have been repairing it for different issues for some time now; perhaps it’s time to have it replaced. A repair may be possible, but it might cause you more money in the long run because your roof is already old enough and will continue to show signs of damage.

Check for leaks

Has your roof started showing signs of leaks? It is a good idea to inspect your roof properly to determine how large the problem is. It can help you decide whether you should repair it or have it replaced. If the leak problem is isolated, a quick repair is necessary. However, if the roof is leaking in several places, a roof replacement might just be your viable option.

Your budget

Let’s face it, this is probably the greatest factor that hinders us from deciding on a roof replacement right away. If you lack the necessary budget, then you might like to go for a quick repair. However, you also need to be rational about this too. Do the math first. If you believe that your roof is so damaged that you may be needing another repair in the next few months, then roof repair sounds more costly of an option.

Your plan

Homebuyers will always check the condition of the roof before they decide to purchase a house. Go for materials that are environmentally friendly as they can qualify for local or federal tax credits. Plus, new roofing materials are known to last longer and perform better.

The architectural integrity of your home

More often, when replacing your roof, you also happen to alter the overall look of your home, especially its architectural design. If roof replacement is inevitable, make sure to choose a roofing component that will not negatively impact your home’s architectural value.

Roof repairs are less expensive, but may only offer a short-term solution. A roof replacement is a one-time big investment but will also last for decades. Just remember to think about it carefully and do the right thing so you don’t need to worry about a damaged roof when the rain starts to pour.

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