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Solar panels have proven to offer many outstanding benefits for homeowners, even though they’re a relatively new and innovative technology. With such a young product life, it’s best to focus on the suppliers who have mastered the technology and are experts in integration. Those contractors who specialize in solar panel installation and design are the ones you can really trust.

American Home Contractors (AHC) utilize the best solar panels available from Tesla and Solaria. We’re also a well-established solar panel contractor who deliver exceptional results for our customers, every time. To do this, we begin by understanding your needs and preferences, and then we make specific suggestions on the battery storage, number, and type of solar panels you should have and we follow that up with a convenient and smooth installation service, and a final product that’s durable, high-quality, and efficient at harnessing the sun’s energy.

AHC Optimizes Solar Panels

Effective solar panel installation is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It can depend on your energy requirements, location, orientation to the sun, and the different seasons, as well as your physical house features. As you can gather, many components influence what the optimum installation of your solar panels will look like, and there are many factors involved in getting it right.

AHC has a dedicated solar panel team, with expertise in analyzing different scenarios and applying their knowledge for the optimal solar panel placement. We’re also a relationship-centric company, so we spend time understanding your needs and what benefits you want to take from your solar panels.

Wherever you’re located over Maryland, Virginia, or Pennsylvania, we can perform the appropriate calculations to design a system that maximizes your energy production. With effective design and installation, our results will allow you to capitalize on this incredible renewable resource, harness free energy to power your home, reduce your costs, and do your part for the environment too!

Fine-Tuned, Informative and Friendly Process

Where some contractors focus on installation, others concentrate on friendly service. At AHC, however, we know that we can’t achieve complete customer satisfaction without both of those things. With over 100 years of combined experience, we’re a solar panel company that’s mastered the processes, with expert technicians performing the procedure with meticulous attention to detail.

With the actual process being second nature to our experienced team, we can focus on providing cheerful and expert service to you, answering any questions, walking you through what we’re doing, and minimizing disruption to your activities. Our communicative and friendly service is what sets us apart from other solar panel installation companies – but don’t just take our word for it; read through our thousands of five-star reviews!

Harness the Power of Leading Solar Technology

We’re firm believers in superior materials because the products you use for your house have to protect and serve you for generations to come. As one of the leading solar panel companies, we’ve identified the best panels at integrating effective technology with solid physical materials. That’s how we create the products we proudly provide to our customers.

Tesla has been pivotal in developing renewable energy devices, and their solar panels are no different. AHC carries Tesla solar panels, as well as GAF Decotech and Solaria, which have each proven their quality and durability throughout our work as a leading solar panel company.

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