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There are many intelligent and valuable reasons to install a solar roof, and all of them lead to using American Home Contractors (AHC) for the most efficient and professional installation. With over 100 years of combined experience and 30 years of delivering exceptional roof outcomes for customers, AHC is fully equipped to meet your needs and is considered the best solar roofer based on online reviews.

Our experience as a solar company in solar roof installations, planning, and permitting has allowed us to turn the process into a precise science. Our highly trained team has completed dozens of Tesla Solar Roof installations and we have the expert knowledge needed to make sure your investment is completed properly.  We provide a stress-free and comfortable service for you without any unexpected challenges popping up along the way.

Transform Your House Into a Cost-Effective, Sustainable Home

A Solar Roof means your house can harness the natural power of the sun to energize your appliances and electrical systems, reducing your need for other energy sources and costs. It does all that while helping the environment too. Many homeowners know the outstanding benefits of making their house more efficient with a solar roof, but they get stuck at knowing where to start.

New Tesla Solar Roof by American Home Contractors is your best solar roof contractor.

Many factors contribute to the effective design of the solar roof install, though, to ensure it operates at peak performance, AHC has a team backed by years of knowledge in solar roofs. We have mastered the processes that are critical to successful installation and operation.

Five-Star Energy Efficiency Houses by a Five-Star Solar Roof Company

AHC is a leading solar roof company for Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania because every facet of our operations and business is carefully optimized for project success:

Superior Materials

With a solar roof installation process supported by top-quality materials, our service will go on to help you and the environment for many years to come. The technical components and integration that enable a solar panel roof to provide the ongoing energy they harness require precision and quality. That’s why we use leading solar material providers such as GAF Decotech and Tesla – because they have proven efficiency and longevity.

Review Our Work

We look like a lot of other solar roof contractors when we’re out installing a solar roof, but you’ll notice the difference in the outcome and enjoyment of the process. Our communicative and responsive service keeps our customers informed every step of the way.  If you have a question through the process, we want to hear it and we will be happy to answer it. We strive to be the best solar roofer in the USA.

Our process leaves our clients feeling comfortable and satisfied, and former happy customers have had great things to say about us, too. Check out our thousands of five-star reviews that back up our work as one of the top solar roof companies.


Our friendly solar contractor team can walk you through the process of transforming your roof from start to finish, what impact it will have on your bills and energy usage, and any other questions you may have along the way.

AHC’s personable and approachable attitude towards customers doesn’t end there – we’re focused on building strong relationships every step of the way. This helps us understand your requirements, both with the project outcome and your preferences in the way we work on your house. We’re one of the highest-ranking solar companies near you and we want to earn your business. See for yourself what makes us the best solar roofer

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For any questions or to schedule your free in-home estimate, please call your local American Home Contractors office.