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Fairfax Virginia Roof

Fairfax Roof Repair Specialists

Fairfax’s Most Highly Rated Roof Repair Company
Over 35 Years Of Experience

For only $199, our Fairfax roof repair technicians will do a full exterior inspection of your home, taking pictures of the damage and any issues they discover along the way. Through the entire repair and inspection process, our staff will take the time to talk with you about any discovered damage they find and answer any questions you may have as we provide your Fairfax Roof Tune-Up service. Our repair isn’t just a basic seal of your leak on your Fairfax roof and leave, we will do shingle replacement on up to 10 shingles.

Fairfax Roof Repair Services

Included in our $199 premium Fairfax Roof Tune-up:

  • FULL attic, roof, gutter, and exterior inspection with before and after pictures
  • $250 Gift Certificate toward future projects
  • Caulking and sealing of the vents, flashings, and nail holes
  • Tightening of loose shingles
  • Replacement of up to 10 missing shingle tabs on your Fairfax roof
  • Repair of exposed nail heads (known as nail pops)
  • Replacement of up to one rubber pipe boot gasket
American Home Contractors Roof Tune Up Icon for basic shingle replacement

The Best Fairfax Roof Repair Provider with Reviews to Prove it

With more five star reviews than anyone else in the industry, we are wholly focused on helping owners fix their roofs and exceeding expectations.  We take pride in the products we offer & the services we provide. Our team is trained to provide a high-quality and fast solution to your problem that will keep your home protected year-round. Check out some of our reviews and see why our customers rate our service and products so highly.

At American Home Contractors, we know Fairfax. We can be at your home quickly to inspect roof damage and fix any issue you have at your home before it escalates into an expensive problem or a complete roof replacement. 

Our Fairfax roof leak repair technicians use only the best materials and are trained to identify any type of problem that may exist on the roof of your home.  From simple issues to the most complex, we can identify the problem and handle it.  Whether it’s a broken shingle, cracked seal, or pest nesting in your attic, we prioritize keeping you and your family safe and protected from the elements.  We will take the time to explain to you the current state of your home’s roof with detailed photos taken throughout the inspection process and recommend the best course of action to fix the problem. We offer many different roof repair services in Fairfax but we are asked most frequently to provide fast solutions for leaks and missing shingles.

Storm Damage Roof Repair in Fairfax

Has a storm in Fairfax recently caused a problem with the roof of your home?  Quickly addressing any issue can save a lot of money and worries down the road.  Our service technicians are masters at Fairfax shingle replacement and making sure your roof is in a good condition after a storm hits our area. Reach out today to get the comfort that comes from having a roofing professional look at your roof and let you know what needs to be done to keep your home and family safe. Often times all you need is a simple roof tune-up on your Fairfax home.

Common Signs of Roof Damage in Fairfax

Roof shingles are:

  • Shedding Granules into the gutter
  • Balding
  • Missing
  • Cracking or curling

Red flags:

  • Observing stains or other signs of mildew inside walls or ceilings
  • Experiencing leaks inside your home after heavy, wind-driven rains
  • Exterior paint or siding is damaged (warped, peeling, rotting).
  • Daylight shining through your roof into your attic

When to Consider a Roof Repair in Fairfax?

We live and work in Fairfax because of its beauty. With that said, Fairfax can have dynamic weather that puts a lot of strain on our homes.  Large swings in outside temperatures cause a fast heating and cooling cycle that accelerates the wear on your roof.  It is for this reason that we recommend a roof inspection every 10 or so years to stay ahead of the costly repairs that might occur from a lack of maintenance. 

When doing an inspection, we are looking for issues that could escalate if not addressed. Small things can be fixed quickly and any issues that we find that are large will be thoroughly explained to you and a plan proposed on how to best address it.