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Meet The Team

Our team is the most important thing here at American Home Contractors. We enjoy an atmosphere of open communication, education, and opportunities for advancement. Our employees know this company inside and out, and that’s why we want you to hear first hand what they like about working for our company. See what our team members have to say about working with American Home Contractors.

Meet Our Team

Austin Bunnell

David Silverstein

Howard Shires

Crystal Finamore

Steve Lozinsky

Chuck Fistek

Isiah Glenn

John Roda

Josh Dunevant

Katherine Kirkpatrick

Eddie Beans

Marcus Newby

Melvin Bonilla

Mike Giordano

Kristen Catlin

Nick Zavala

Ian Dunevant

Samantha Brooks

Vernon McKenzie

Shaun Dunevant

Samantha Jahn

James Im

Tyler Warfield

Nicky Peacemaker

Vinnie Colon

Alex Amos

Ryan Marr

Anna Simms

Zack Stark

August Carvalho

Alex Suarez

Hugo Calderon

Bobby Shepp

Mandy Nickel

Gavin Bollinger

Tyler Olson

Sandra Ojeda

Tyler Griffin

Sammi Siddeley

Nick Comito

Makayla Sparks

Ricardo Alvarez