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How To Choose Home Exterior Colors

A home’s exterior is just as important as the interior. Careful attention to exterior details can make any home look even better. One of the most important aspects of the exterior is the choice of colors for the exterior. Color conveys many varied messages. When choosing exterior home colors, it’s best to take into account many different goals. Any paint colors for the home’s exteriors should ideally work well with the home’s overall landscaping as well as providing color that brings in the homeowner’s sense of flair and personal style. Anyone in search of colors that will suit their home best will need to take the time to think about the image they want to convey as well as other types of structures presently there such as hardscaping.

a white home surrounded by fall leaves

Home Style

There are many different kinds of home styles. You might have a classic colonial, a ranch, a craftsman-style home that uses many varied types of home styles. You’ll want to pick paint colors that can be integrated successfully with the home’s existing structures. For example, if you have a home that has lots of detail such as found in the Queen Anne style, you’ll want to choose several paint colors that show off the entire structure and make it come to life. Picking three or even more colors can help draw attention to detailed wood trim and a large porch. A smaller home with less detail may benefit from fewer paint colors to keep elegant, understated, and sophisticated.

Other Structures

Another thing to keep in mind when searching for the right exterior home colors is the other structures on the property. You might have a freestanding garage, pergola, and other items as well as the main house. Each area of the home should ideally be integrated into the rest of the design. For example, you might choose one color for the main house. Then, you can add contrast with two additional colors that work with the main house. You might choose to paint the main house dark brown with bright blue trim. Using bring blue trim for home other structures can call attention to your overall style plan and make the entire lot feel welcoming.

Your Entire Neighborhood

Neighborhoods vary greatly in style. Some areas have one type of housing while others may have very different styles. For example, houses in the southwest may be lower to the ground to help protect people from the intense heat. Any home color choices should take into account regional styles. You want your home to blend into the neighborhood well and be part of an overall look. Look at your neighbor’s homes. You’ll typically see certain colors used over and over again. These are the colors to use in your own home. For example, you might see lots of hunter green, deep reds, and darker shades of blue used in many other homes. If you’re aiming for an integrated look, choose similar colors for your own home.

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