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Is It Time For a Roof Tune-Up?

A dependable roofing system can be a terrific thing. You should never ever underestimate the value of a strong roofing system for your structure. A roof is designed to protect you from the environment and from all of its unpredictable factors. If you want to keep your roof in superb condition, then you need to take care of it all year long. This involves in-depth maintenance work. It may involve getting a tune-up for it, too. What in the world is a roof tune-up? Roofing tune-ups, in a nutshell, are designed to make roofing systems last markedly longer. They tend to involve some repair work.

Repair jobs that are part of tune-ups tend to be on the small side. They may involve the handling of shingles that are not in their appropriate spots. They may involve managing issues that relate to flashing as well. Remember, too, that tune-ups for home roofing systems sometimes call for the swapping out of fasteners and shingles.

missing tile from roof after a storm

Is Your Roofing System Ready for a Thorough Tune-Up?

It can sometimes be difficult to figure out whether a roofing system is ready for a tune-up appointment. If your roof is ready, however, you may have attic leakage. Leaks are often connected to problems that relate to the underlayment.


Corrosion is another factor that can denote that a tune-up may be optimal for a roofing system. Flashing for roofing systems consists of metal which corrodes over time. That’s precisely why corrosion can take place slowly but surely. Search for indications of openings or rusting. Roofing technicians who are seasoned and knowledgeable frequently choose to swap out flashing that has corrosion. They do this rapidly, too. Rapid management can in many cases keep the possibility of H20 leakage at bay.


The absence of granules is yet another factor that can signify that you’re ready for a roofing system tune-up. It can help greatly to stare at asphalt shingle tops. Granules safeguard shingles. They safeguard them from the perils that are associated with environmental conditions day in and day out. If a roof is in the process of saying goodbye to granules, then it may become a lot more vulnerable relatively swiftly.

Shingles that have granules that are going away may not appear as light as others do. If you suspect that your granules are dwindling, then you need to do something about it without any hesitation. Waiting around to take care of issues with granules can sometimes make your situation worse and more difficult to tackle.

There are so many things that can point to issues with roofing systems. If you want to revel in maximum ease, then you need to pay close attention to your roof all year long. It doesn’t matter if you notice the emergence of mold or mildew on your roof. It doesn’t matter if your attic starts receiving an inordinate degree of sunlight, either. Prompt roof management is the way to go. Call American Home Contractors to book an appointment for roof service.


Roof tune-ups range in price. The average is from $199-800 and varies on what is included.

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