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Solar Roof Preview


(12 customer reviews)

Before Purchasing a Solar Roof get all the details you need to start transitioning toward solar.

Included in your report:

Satellite Report

  • Bird-Eye roof diagram with detailed measurements and pitch of each facet.
  • Custom 3D model of your roof built showing solar system size, shading analysis, and estimated production based on location of solar producing tiles on your roof.

Project Analysis

  • Further details of your electrical needs with system size recommendations.
  • A detailed description of the project process and product options with a pricing breakdown.

Virtual Presentation

  • A descriptive review of your custom report with our senior solar consultant.
  • PDF Copy of satellite report and exact proposal provided at meeting conclusion.

** The $125 paid for a Solar Roof Preview will apply toward your solar roof deposit if you move forward with the project! (no obligation)

See our PDF on our Solar Roof Preview

12 reviews for Solar Roof Preview

  1. John Dunsworth

    I got to see every detail before I purchased my solar roof. American Home Contractors was amazing.

  2. Jason M

    Highly recommend the investment, as they will answer any and all questions you have, as well as provide a very comprehensive plan to fit your needs.

  3. Matthew A. Dionne

    If you are like most people and you would like to figure out how a Solar Roof will work for your home, then your should certainly order a Solar Roof Preview. The Solar Roof Preview is an excellent resource and the representatives will be able to answer your questions and help you understand the process from start to finish.

  4. John Marshall

    American Home Contractors delivered on their design promises. They were professional, knowledgeable and timely. They are truly solar and roofing experts.

  5. Cesar

    I had the pleasure of working with Tyler and Tyler (lol) and had the most real and positive experience regarding this brand new and exciting technology. They were both impressive in their knowledge, their willingness to adapt to my needs and the company’s quality and level of performance. I tried to find flaws in the process and even the sales pitch did not feel like a sales pitch… it never was. They were very interested in meeting my needs and focused on what I wanted out of the Tesla Solar system. I would highly recommend they to anyone who is looking to upgrade their electric system. These guys know what they are doing.

  6. Kevin R

    Complete and informative! Tyler was attentive and thorough. Everything I needed to make an informed decesion

  7. Dev P

    I highly recommend the Solar Roof Preview for anyone interested in exploring solar roofs. The report provides a detailed analysis of all roof surfaces and the estimated solar output per surface. The report was expertly explained by Tyler Warfield (thank you!) and further customizations were discussed to fit my budget.

  8. Vasan

    I worked with tyler warfield and he was very helpful in providing all the information to evaluate their solar products that would be appropriate for our home. It was worth the investment to

  9. Alexios Kotsilinis

    I am in the middle of a restoration/remodel of a 1920 three level house, and I can say with certainty that America Home Contractors are the best – BE FAR – experience I’ve had with any contractor. It doesn’t even come close. You will get professional behavior, a dull detailed analysis of your project, how much sunlight you can expect throughout the year, how much yield you can expect, and of course, the cost and expected schedule.
    In addition, you don’t get any of the “sales” tactics contractors use, neither you get lies and unfulfilled promises. For me, that was what made the difference. I couldn’t recommend these guys – and Tyler specifically – more.

  10. Cliff L.

    I was delighted with my detailed and thorough Solar Roof Preview. Tyler Warfield explained it well and answered all my questions.

  11. Alex

    Tyler was great. He took the time to answer multiple rounds of questions. Many thanks!

  12. Roger

    Tyler was very helpful in providing all the information to evaluate the Telsa and GAF solar roof products offered through American Home Contractors. I need to replace my existing roof so adding a solar roof appealed to me. Thank you for a professional, informative, and low-pressure interaction.

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