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Is Your Front Door Secure?

Just as a smile makes a good first impression, so does your front door. As the year progresses, you may update your door’s decor to reflect the seasons. When you’ve spent time and money making your home a welcoming environment, it’s easy to forget about safety. Is your front door secure? While this is unquestionably relevant for homeowners, it is also relevant for business owners too, especially when they have a glass front door. This can often leave a shop vulnerable to burglars, which is why it is important to have the most secure glass door possible.

an unsecure front door

Choose A Sturdy Door

While your door serves a functional purpose, it’s also the main thing keeping your family safe from the outside world. Be sure to select a sturdy door that can stand up to possible attacks from persistent burglars. American Home Contractors can help you find the door that best suits your needs and budget.

Install A Reliable Deadbolt

Don’t wait until there’s an emergency to reinforce your door’s security. If you choose a lock that is keypad-enabled, keep the pin number in a private location. Also, be aware of anyone who could be watching when you’re entering your security number. Protect that number as though it’s connected to your bank account! Keyless entry certainly serves a convenience purpose, but not necessarily a security purpose.

Check The Locks

Periodically check the locks on your front door to make sure they hold. Open the locks from both sides of the door so that you’ll notice any changes in resistance. Don’t make too many copies of your keys, either. You don’t want your key circulating in the wrong hands!

Clear The Porch

While curb appeal is important, you don’t want to provide a hiding spot for unwelcome visitors. Keep bushes and other plants trimmed so that an adult could not crouch behind or under them. Avoid using too much furniture on the porch, as it could allow a burglar to stand unnoticed behind it.

At A Glance

Take a look at your front door as though you are seeing it for the first time. Do you notice any visible cracks that might compromise the door’s security? Ensure that the top and bottom frame rails are firmly in place. Take a moment to look around the entryway area. Make sure spare keys are well hidden. Put away any items that could be used to gain entrance through the front door.

Items to clear away:

  • garden tools
  • metal signs or flag poles
  • large flowerpots
  • heavy packages

Look Beyond The Door

If your door features a window or sidelites, be sure that nothing is in plain sight that could tempt would-be intruders. Don’t leave money or bags in plain sight. Avoid leaving keys near the entrance, too. Keeping your front door secure is important from the inside, too!

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