At American Home Contractors located in Maryland and Virginia, we offer a variety of services for residential property roofs and gutters. You may ignore the seasonal problems that occur to gutters and roofs, but we recommend having regular inspection and tune-up to keep these items in the best condition. Here are some of the great reasons to call us for these services. 

Checking for Damage

Spring is the perfect time to contact us to check your home’s gutters and roof for any damage caused by the winter weather conditions in our region. Our roofing technicians can access a roof with an extension ladder to look for problems that require a repair. Fixing these problems as soon as possible can prevent additional damage to your home.

Securing Loose Gutters, Downspouts or Shingles

During this inspection, the technician might find loose shingles, downspouts or gutters that require securing. These devices are simple for the technician to fix with nails, screws or other fasteners. Nailing down the shingles can prevent damage from moisture or pest infestations, and by fastening down the downspouts or gutters, you can keep rain from draining against your home.

Cleaning Debris from the Roof or Gutters

If the gutters are filled with leaves or other debris, then the devices will overflow when it rains. This water can damage the siding or the foundation of your home. In addition, the debris remains wet for several days, leading to a moist environment for mosquitoes. The debris such as algae or mold growth on the rooftop can erode the roofing materials, reducing the life span of a home’s roof.

Making Sure that the Venting Systems Are Open

With a roofing tune-up, the technicians can check a home’s venting systems. In addition to looking at the chimney, a technician can inspect other venting systems to ensure that air is flowing into the home’s attic spaces. Without proper ventilation systems on a home’s roof, it is possible for poisonous gases to build up inside the building, or a home’s attic can develop rotting mold that destroys the materials in the space.

Repairing Holes on a Rooftop

If there are holes in your home’s roof from dropping tree branches or terrible storms, then it is essential to have this damage repaired. Rainwater or snowmelt can enter these holes, ruining the electrical wiring and drywall inside your home. These holes are also the best places for rodents, birds, and insects to enter your home to infest a building, causing additional damage. With a roofing tune-up, the technicians can repair these holes.

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Contact American Home Contractors today to arrange inspections for your home’s gutters, downspouts,  and roof. When we find a problem, we will determine how much it will cost to provide you with a written estimate for the tune-up services. Our company can schedule a convenient time to make the repairs to your home’s roof and gutter system.

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