Your roof has had it. It’s curling, leaking, and just worn out. You’ve budgeted for the roofing replacement. Now, the only thing you need to consider is when to have the work done. Here’s some advice on when it would be a good time to have your roof replaced.

It’s Not Necessarily About Time of Year

Forget about the time of year for a moment. The best time to have your roof replaced is when you can plan for it and aren’t under pressure because of major problems. Trying to get a reputable roofer to do a major replacement on short notice is going to be difficult. You may find yourself waiting a month or two to get on the roofer’s schedule at the height of the busy season.

Here in Maryland and Northern Virginia, the busy season for roof replacements is in late summer and throughout autumn. The weather is cooler and the snow hasn’t arrived yet.


Planning for a Replacement

Make it a point to replace your roof before it becomes an emergency. This will give you the time to make decisions on materials and which contractor you want to hire.

So, if you are planning your replacement, when should you schedule it?

Avoid busy season when possible. You don’t want to have the work rushed because the roofing crew has a dozen other roofs on their to-do list. When you schedule out of busy season, you get more input to scheduling.

Avoid the heat of summer. Roofing crews do work through the hottest days of summer. However, some roofing materials don’t do well in that kind of heat. The tar in asphalt shingles can soften in the heat of summer. This makes them more vulnerable to scuffing and damage. A reputable roofer will make adjustments for this vulnerability, but it’s something to avoid if possible.

Avoid the deepest cold of winter. Modern roofing systems need some level of warmth to seal properly. When the temperature is below freezing, that won’t happen. That means your roof will not be properly sealed until the temperatures start to rise.

By the process of elimination, the best time to have your roof replaced is spring to early summer. This avoids the busy season rush, plus it ensures the temperatures are not too hot or too cold for proper roof installation. One possible bonus is the fact that some roofing materials are lower in price during the late winter and early spring.

Scheduling Your Roof Replacement

Now, if you decide to have your roof replaced during spring or early summer when is the best time to call a roofing company to get on their schedule? In the winter.

You want to get on the roofer’s schedule as soon as possible. This ensures that your roof gets done and that you won’t be waiting for an open slot. It gives you time to budget for the replacement cost. And it gives the roofer plenty of notice for ordering supplies and getting crews ready.

If it’s time to replace your roof, call American Home Contractors today. 

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